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20/04/15: New website will be on-line very soon! Stay tuned!


01/09/14: KeyB Organs Technical Service in New York City!

01/12/13: KeyB Organ on a Verve Record! 'Purple' - Fabrizio Bosso Spiritual Trio (with Alberto Marsico and Alessandro Minetto)

01/11/13: New KeyB Live. Another incredible digital organ, designed and made in Italy!

30/10/13: New Distributor from Singapore

14/10/13: New Distributor from Japan

10/05/13: New KeyB Exp firmware release is available. E-mail us at (serial number, date and place of purchase are required).

16/04/13: New firmware release is available (KeyB Duo MkIII only). For further details, e-mail us at

2013: Dear customers, DMI (Davis&Muller Instruments) is not fulfilling the terms of the agreements with KeyB Organ company regarding the production of KeyB products in the US and so I’d like to warn potential customers that DMI is producing KeyB instruments using non-original and non-certified components in his Missouri factory, without authorization and quality control by KeyB Organ Company. In these months I received mails and videos from US customers who bought KeyB products assembled by DMI  having problems and noticing failures resulting from bad production line work and non-existing quality control. These customers can’t contact DMI and get answers regarding these issues. All this created a bad image damage to KeyB Organ and myself, since customers think I am working in DMI’s factory and being in charge of production line. The last time I have been in the US was at the NAMM Show 2013 and since then I never had the chance to supervise the production that should have never started without me.For all these reasons I am working on a legal action against DMI. I cannot provide any assistance and upgrades to customers who bought (or will buy) DMI products . Musicians interested in KeyB Organ products must contact the KeyB Organ Company at